Describe an experience that you visited a friend

You should say:

Who you visited

What you did

Why you visited him or her



I'd like to talk about an experience I visited one of my friends who is a very shy girl. To be honest we know each other for many years as we live in the same community. Besides, we are in the same school since we were 7 years old. Although we always play together, we seldom visit the home of each other except some special days. Last month, when it came to my friend's birthday, I went to her home to celebrate the big day. Like many girls, we talked about some famous stars and helped her mum to cook. I'd say, the most part of her birthday party was playing computer game.


Normally our parents don't allow us to play games in daily life because they want us to focus on study. However, we were free when we asked her mum whether we could play a couple of hours as a birthday gift and the answer was 'yes'. So we downloaded a game named 王者荣耀 and played several rounds and the finally, she won. The reasons why I visited her home? the first one was the birthday and the second one was that we both knew her parents would permit us to play in that day.


Describe a time you spent a lot of money on something.

You should say:

What you bought

When you bought it

Where you bought it

And explain why you spent a lot of money to buy it



I was really into supporting one of my idols TF boys a couple of years ago, yes you can say that I was a fangirl, even some kind of crazy. If you ask me what kind of things may cost me an arm and a leg, I d say there were so many: buying new digital singles or magazine, costing money on products endorsed by them. But, the expenditure on concert might be at the top of my list.


Id say a concert of them in 2018, that cost me a bomb. You know, firstly, I needed compete with many fangirls and booked a ticket online. If you missed it or there was something wrong with your network, you had to find a tout and got a ticket at twice. I remember that I use almost 2000 yuan and booked a position near the edge of the stage, not a good one but not bad. However, it was not the final. Supporting your idols concert means the expenditure for air fare, accommodation, as well as tickets. After I received my tickets of the concert, I booked my round trip tickets and hotel which is near the stadium through a famous travel site 携程. I did a math, for this concert, I cost nearly 10,000 yuan in total, it is not an exaggeration.


If anyone asks why I spent so much money on supporting the groupId say I didnt know why and I was just crazy. I had my heart set on supporting my idols and felt satisfied about what I did. Plus, I viewed going to the concert as a trip so spending money should be a must. But sometimes I regretted doing those things, you know, I should have saved the money and bought some new clothing or changed a new phone.  


Describe a situation when you celebrated your achievement. 

You should say:

What you did

When you celebrated it

Who you celebrated it with

And how you felt about it



Id like to talk about a moment that I celebrated my success in a sports meeting last month. You know there is a tradition for most schools in our country to hold a track and field meet every year, but that is not to say its easy for you to gain a place among hundreds of people because everyone wants to be a winner, which would also win the honor for their class and to be a star in the school.


My event was women 800-metre race last year. You know this one is painful and demanding, many girls in my class thought that they would feel in the hell regarding this race but I wanted to try. Because I was trained in this event when I was in primary school and I still knew how to overcome the difficulties when I felt tired even my brain told me to slow down and give up. Meanwhile I also knew how to keep and change my pace of breathing and running. Whats more, my parents prepared me comfortable running shoes and clothing, that was pretty helpful and last but not the least, my classmates encouraged me since the start. Due to all the reasons, I won and got the first position.


When I saw that my name was shown in the big screen, I jumped, laughed, and gave everyone a five. However, I felt that was not enough to show my feeling, I was so excited and at last, I got all my candies from my friends and shared to the audience who encouraged me. Because sharing your success is a happy and moving thing and I guess this experience will always be kept in my mind.



Describe a film you would like to share with your friend.

You should say:

What it is

Where you watched it 

Who you watched it with 

And why you want to share it with your friend 



I’d like to talk about a film that touched me a lot. The film’s name is the lion King which was popular in the world. I watched it with my friend in a summer vocation. It was just a passing fancy(一时兴起)as we hadn’t watched any movies for a long time, thus, we decided to go to the cinema.

As for this movie, it’s a classic one and almost everybody could enjoy it. The story line was about a little lion Simba, whose father was brutally killed by his uncle, used his own strength and courage to explore the dangerous world. As last, he grew up and beat his enemy.


I feel Simbas story is not about a lion, but about us. You know we could see ourselves from this movie and learn how to overcome difficulties with love, wisdom and power. That is the first reason I like to share the movie with my friend. Besides, the theme song of this movie is pretty good, circle of life, I like the lyrics: it moves us all through despair and hope, through faith and love, till we find our place on the path unwinding in the Circle. It’s touching.


Describe a place where you read and write (not your home).

You should say:

Where it is

How often you go there

Who you go there with

And explain how you feel about it



Id like to talk about a library where could help me focus on reading and writing during my summer vocation. Its a local library, a 5-storey and white building near my house, which only takes me 2 minutes to get there.


I could visit it every day during my vocation because I have a free library card so I can borrow books, videos and other library materials from it. Actually, I dont have a partner when I studied in the library as I enjoy the moment lonely and quietly there. If I go to the place before 9:00 PM, I could find a seat by the window. You know, overlooking through the window, I will have a big picture of my community. This is more comfortable than studying in my room.


Regarding the feelings about studying in this library, well, the first one is the atmosphere there is pretty good, you know, everyone concentrates on books and there is no noise, no kids shouting or playing, I always get motivation when I see so many library people sitting around me doing the same thing. Its a wonderful feeling. Having said that, I feel Im more energetic and concentrated in this environment. Besides, comparing with playing video games or sleeping at home, reading and writing in the library gives me a sense of fulfillment. Because I could escape from those distractions and finish my vacation homework quickly. The most important one is that place has a plenty resource, when I write something I could find reference materials conveniently.



Describe a place you remember well that is full of colors.

You should say:

What it is

Where it is

How it looks like 

And explain why you remember it well



Id like talk about a colorful snack street in Taipei, named shilin night market. I went to the street almost ten years ago and the street gave me a deep impression. It located in countryside of the city so it was a little troublesome for us to get there. However, we felt surprised when we saw the street.


Although it was a bit of dirty and noisy, it looked like a magic place. You know, the street was very long and crowds of people hung out there. You could find a shop and sit alongside and taste the food. Id say it was a colorful and bright place, almost every shop was decorated by the glittering colorful lights around their signboards. There were numerous colors – red, white, purple, blue, dark shades and more. Meanwhile, the food was rich of colors, for example, the strawberry ice cream was pink and the Matcha was green, as well as the seafood, like the octopus, which was boasted as red because of the sauce. When it came to the small hours, there was a firework show in the sky. When we looked up to the sky, we enjoyed a colorful stage and felt exciting.


As for the reasons why I could remember it well, the first one is that the firework was the biggest and the longest one I had saw. I also always like eating street food, so I never forget the food in that street.



Describe a piece of software you use often

You should say:

What it is

What it is for

How useful it is

And explain why you use it often 


Well, our cellphone has been installed many apps or kinds of software, ranging across various categories, like shopping, music, keeping fit or photo. I guess most of them are the accesses of our interests and Ill start with a piece of software of them which named Tencent Video.


You could get the information via the name, video, and guess that the app might be some kind of youtube? Yes, Id say there are many similarities between tencent and youtube as both apps offer its users loads of free and paid contents. However, things gonna be different when it comes to Tencent video and thats why I guess it pretty helpful for me. Firstly, it has its own drama-production, making the platform be the Netflix in China. If you want to follow some drama you will not find them through TV but only in this app because of the exclusive broadcasting rights. Another advantage of Tencent video is that it has a full-round network broadcast for sports tournament. For a sport person, thats really irreplaceable.


OK, let me tell you the reasons why I often use the app. As I mentioned before, it has plenty of resources online and I have a preference for sports, so I often watch games or tournament especially volleyball tournament through it. Next reason is that I also use other apps originating from the same company, tencent, for example, wechat, qq, therefore, I could share my moments from the video platform to other social media platforms by using the same account, thats time-saving and convenient.  


Describe a journey that you went on by car

You should say:

When it was

Where you went

Who you were with

And you felt about the journey


学生答案:Id like to talk about a self-driving tour with my sister this year. It was not a long journey, I guess it was only lasted around 100-km from my city to another one , Huzhou and my sister wanted to visit a hello kitty theme park there and she asked me to be her driver. You know, I couldnt say no.


The tour was 2 hours and we drove on a high-speed road between the two cities. When we arrived to a small rest areaI felt a bit tired and I bought some coffee and tea to help me come back to earth because fatigue driving was dangerous. After that, we had a 20-minute break and I felt better and we continued our trip.


Talking about the feelings of the trip, firstly, I guess that was not bad, even I felt enjoyable because I could drive fast than in town. It made me excited. Besides, we could buy many things like toy, water and snacks as well as clothes and put them into to the car, it was helpful because it was easy when you had a car on the trip. Last, Id say, although the theme park was not my cup of tea, I enjoyed the feeling of being accompany of my sister, you know, we were busy and we didnt have many opportunities to have a trip together. So, the self-driving trip was some kind of a family party for me.



Describe a good experience of online shopping.

You should say:

When it happened

What you bought

Why you bought it

And explain why you think it was a good experience


学生答案:Id like to talk about an experience I bought a niche brand of shampoo via online shops 3 months ago. On that time, I just started my IELTS learning in Shanghai and I lived in a strange restaurant. When I realized that I left my body wash and shampoo at home, I decided to get those through taobao.


Well, you may want to ask me why didnt I get those thing from a shopping mall or grocery nearby? The first reason was the brand was a niche one which could not be found easily from supermarkets or offline shops. Next, I am some kind of homebody so that I didn’t want to go out. The last reason was that I was unfamiliar to the new place, so I thought it would be difficult for me to find a right shop.


When it comes to the experience, I d say, it was great. Because I got a 90% discount and received a travel sample for free, so I could bring them when I go to the gym for shower. Plus, the speed of delivery was pretty fast, I just waited for 15 hours, you know, I placed my order online the night before and got the stuff next morning. It surprised me.



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